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AGI recognized for growth in exports

By: jwelsh
AGI software exports,, STK, AGI, COTS softwareIf Matt Glenn ever envisioned seeing his face on a billboard, his dream just came true. Well, sort of. Matt's picture is in the "billboard" position (top half) of the website, where he represents AGI in a story about our growth in international sales.  Matt is our  manager of international operations, and he is part of a 12-member team that helped grow our global sales 43% in the past two years. We chalk up our success to good advice and partnerships (detailed in the story), dedicated hard work and an understanding of the value of commercial off-the-shelf software by our global customers. Check out the story, and if you interested in saving time and money and increasing efficiency in your aerospace and defense projects, download our software and try it out.
Posted: 6/15/2011 7:27:50 PM