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Enhanced 3D situational awareness for Märzen's Tactical Data Analysis and Connectivity System

By: sclaypoole
Märzen Group LLC is a small business that specializes in consulting services and products for commercial, nonprofit and government organizations in areas such as the development of real-time, object-oriented software for tactical military communications and analysis of network security for Command and Control (C2) systems. I also just learned that they are named for the founders' favorite style of German beer. This is neat, but I digress. Recently, Märzen used STK Components to add a real-time 3D visualization and enhanced geospatial analysis capability to its Tactical Data Analysis and Connectivity System, or TDACS. TDACS is employed by various U.S. government and NATO agencies for real-time analysis of the tactical data networks that they use. Using the STK Components Tracking Library, Dynamic Geometry Library and Insight3D Visualization Library, Märzen quickly and easily added the ability to display and analyze hundreds of data feeds in real time to TDACS. Delivering capability on time and under budget ... that's what we all want, right? Read more about how Märzen did it..
Posted: 6/16/2012 3:34:04 PM