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Keeping ISR mission analysis and visualization on time and on budget

By: agrow
At USGIF Tech Day tomorrow, AGI experts will show how to keep ISR mission support on time and on budget using AGI’s suite of commercial off-the-shelf desktop, server and software development kits. AGI’s rich APIs and data model enable desktop, integrated and enterprise interoperability support for the geospatial intelligence tradecraft. What can you expect to see in our booth? A lot! Stop by #604 to see everything below, but if you can’t make it and you still want to see STK, our SDKs or STK Server in action, just go to and we’ll set something up.
  • STK
    • High-fidelity spatial mechanics engine
    • Software development kit for integration and deployment
    • Detailed model and simulation creation
    • Customizable report and graph styles
  • STK Software Development Kits
    • Build mission-specific workflows
    • Create new applications
    • Embed into existing applications
    • Develop and deploy solutions for:
      • Mission operations
      • Enterprise integration
      • Thin or thick clients
      • Server and desktop applications
      • Web services
  • STK Server
    • Employ the programming interface to implement specific tasks on the server
    • Perform computationally intensive tasks such as:
      • Parametric analysis for satellite/aircraft mission planning and optimization
      • Satellite conjunction analysis for space situational awareness
      • Asset coverage calculations over large regions at high resolutions
    • Share scenarios from AGI’s desktop products and expose the underlying analysis as a Web service
Posted: 6/3/2012 5:29:26 AM