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AGI Listed in AWS Marketplace for the U.S. Intelligence Community

By: Stephanie Eftimiades
Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), developer of commercial modeling, simulation and analysis software, today announced it is among the first group of technology vendors to be listed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace for the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC). AWS Marketplace for the U.S. IC is designed exclusively for the 17 intelligence agencies to evaluate, purchase, and deploy in minutes via 1-Click® a broad array of common software infrastructure, developer tools, and business software products, with the categories of products and vendors growing over time. AGI’s Analytical Services enables operators to model, analyze, and visualize space, defense and intelligence systems in a cloud-based SaaS. “Through our Analytical Services, customers are able to receive specific analytical services in a versatile, and easy-to-ingest format,” noted Shashank Narayan, AGI’s vice president of enterprise development & product planning. “As a commercial software company, we need to be constantly adapting our architecture to reach new customer segments, so we are excited to join AWS Marketplace for the U.S. Intelligence Community.” Analytical Services is a web-service framework for performing analysis akin to the capabilities available in AGI’s flagship tool: Systems Tool Kit (STK). These services cover a wide range of analysis capabilities from satellite and aircraft route generation, to navigation performance, satellite and aircraft overflight, and inter-visibility calculations. These REST web services can be called from any web-based platform and deliver data in JSON and XML formats. Analysis data is also delivered via CZML to display on Cesium; the premier open source, web-based visualization platform. AWS Marketplace for the U.S. IC provides the same purchasing convenience, open and transparent license terms and conditions, and variety of pricing models, including hourly usage and annual subscription, as the commercial AWS Marketplace. It also supports Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) so that agencies can more easily migrate existing software licenses and applications. AWS Marketplace for the U.S. IC is part of the Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) program, under the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Intelligence Community (IC) Information Technology Enterprise (IC ITE). For more information on AWS Marketplace for the U.S. IC, contact

  Editorial Contact:
Stephanie Eftimiades
Public and Government Relations
Analytical Graphics, Inc. Phone: 610-981-8167
Posted: 6/20/2016 5:45:29 PM