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Get Those Analyzer Macros Up and Running!

By: Mohammad Syed

Sometimes, a program cannot go ahead and solve the exact problem that you have. Some programs have this in mind and give you the ability to give it the capabilities to add on functionality to solve your problem! This is the case with Analyzer, as it give you access to Analyzer Macros. Using analyzer macros, you can add extra functionality to your runs without having to do anything besides pushing a button (after the initial scripting)! 

(You just have to write this stuff once!)

Another feature of macros is that it is possible to setup macros that will be used for every Analyzer that is setup as a default. With this, you can setup certain commands to supplement your studies by default. You will never have to manually generate and save a report ever again! Scripting can be used to add variables into Analyzer as well. Instead of using a standard scripting language to be interpreted, Analyzer has its own scripting to use. The interesting part is that it is to be placed in the comment out header – you read that correctly. We are actually using the commented section that you normally would not use for scripting! This allows you to add in new variables into Analyzer that can be used to set up a run dependent command to execute! The possibilities are endless! To give you something to start up using these awesome macros, here is a link to a tutorial to setup some basic macros! LINK to my knowledgebase here.

Posted: 6/19/2017 12:26:33 PM