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STK Test & Evaluation Toolkit 1.5 is here!

By: Joseph Murphy

STK Test & Evaluation Toolkit has a new release available for download. T&E 1.5 delivers more tools to our users for evaluating data from tests conducted on mission plans.

This release includes several improvements, including:

  • Expanded Connect functionality to support more features.
  • Graphing speed improvements.
  • Data Importer robustness improvements.
  • The ability to display waypoints for the Aviator Propagator.
  • The ability for multiple users to work from a Master Units location through the Unit Configuration preferences.
  • Contour Line support for Satellites and Missiles.
  • Aviator Procedure improvements.
  • Performance of Track Comparison through utilization of the Track Cache.
  • T&E units now include Bandwidth, Bits, Current, Data Rate, Density, Magnetic Field, Power, and Voltage.
  • T&E now only saves mappings used in the current scenario in the scenario directory.
  • T&E units are now saved in the scenario directory, improving scenario portability.
  • Fixed sites enabled to be “ownship” system under test.
  • Test Asset Manager usability improvements.

For more information about the release, refer to our What's New page.

Posted: 6/3/2019 8:00:00 AM