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What’s New in STK 11.6

By: Matt White

Yes, yes, in this hypersonic-paced world of ours, the release of STK 11.6 seems so incredibly yesterday. But here’s the thing: we think it’s pretty great and deserves another mention. So bear with us and do yourself some good at the same time. Tune your browser to and check out our handy summary of the key new features. Spoiler alert, I already name-dropped one in the first sentence of this blog…

If that teaser leaves you wanting to know more, head over to Tom Neely's blog on hypersonic aircraft advancements in STK 11.6.

You can also learn more about the other key features from the following webinars.

In this webinar, Alex Wood, with help from Ed Mackey, describes how massive 3D datasets can be processed into streaming 3D Tiles, and demystifies glTF 2.0 models and Physics-based Rendering (PBR) in STK and Cesium.

In this webinar, Mo Syed, AGI systems engineer, describes the new Multifunction Radar enhancements in STK 11.6, including RF-based access constraints.

In this webinar, Pat North, AGI's lead developer of STK EOIR, talks about new capabilities in version 11.6, including Illuminating space objects with lasers, simulating complex system interactions of EMR in the EOIR spectrum, and integrating community standard target signatures.

In this webinar, Astrogator lead developer Cody Short reviews some new Astrogator features in STK 11.6

New STK Releases

STK 11.6.1 and STK Engine on Linux 11.6.1 are now available for download.  To learn more about these releases, see What's New.
Posted: 6/12/2019 8:00:00 AM