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Contributing to international cooperation in space

By: sclaypoole
“Building on the Past, Stepping Toward the Future” is the theme of the UNIDIR-SWF Space Security Conference 2011 in Geneva April 4-5. David Finkleman, senior scientist at AGI’s Center for Space Standards & Innovation, will assess the ability of current technologies to verify adherence to space treaties and conventions and conceive requirements for verification techniques so that, wherever possible, treaties are technically verified and relevant data is made available to the international community. An expanded set of international norms would better protect interests in space and achieve a commonly understood level of spaceflight safety. The conference is a collaboration between the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research and the Secure World Foundation. Finkleman’s research, entitled “Current and Potential Verification Capabilities,” will be presented at 10:00 a.m. during the April 5 panel, “The Verification Challenge: The Art of the Possible.” This is one of several complementary papers being presented to the entire UN Office in Geneva by AGI associates and alumni including Richard DalBello, vice president of legal and government affairs for Intelsat, and Emmett Fletcher, space surveillance and tracking manager at ESA. The papers are available from AGI.  We would appreciate comments and feedback.  While in Geneva, Finkleman will speak with the International Communications Union about matters such as the forthcoming changes to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). An article by Finkleman, AGI astrodynamicist John Seago and other noted astronomers that describes the nature of UTC and the Leap Second will appear in the July/August issue of American Scientist Magazine. We'll keep you posted!
Posted: 3/29/2011 7:41:32 PM