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Riverside Research trains today's students for high-tech STEM jobs

By: sclaypoole
AGI business partner Riverside Research made the news this week in Ohio, when local news station WDTN profiled the company's efforts to get more young women and men interested in careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Riverside Research, is a not-for-profit, scientific-research institution which provides high-level technical advisory and engineering support to government entities, public agencies and private subcontractors in the national-security and intelligence sectors. Riverside uses AGI software to support its customers and for STEM outreach, including the creation of two electronic textbooks (eTexts): “Remote Sensing: A View Through Mechanical Eyes” and “Geodesy: The Dynamic Earth. The eTexts use AGI Viewer software to help visualize complex topics. In 2010, Riverside's Modeling & Application Development Laboratory (MAD Lab) established an internship program in Dayton, Ohio, "to prepare future generations to meet the technical requirements vital to sustaining our nation’s position as a technology leader." The internship program has since expanded to include partnerships with Sinclair and Clark State Community Colleges. Riverside's partnership with Sinclair is responsible for generating more STK Certified professionals than any other program in the country.
Posted: 3/6/2012 3:47:56 PM