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AGI Releases STK Components 2016 R1 & Cesium Pro 1.19

By: Stephanie Eftimiades
STK Components 2016 R1 This release boasts a huge number of new features that support the Cesium library including
  • Model node transformations (also known as articulations)
  • Drawing polylines on the surface of a central body
  • The following new properties
    • BillboardGraphics.AlignedAxis
    • BillboardGraphics.Rotation
    • AzimuthElevationMaskGraphics.OutlineWidth
    • CentralBodySurfaceRegionGraphics.OutlineWidth
    • EllipsoidGraphics.OutlineWidth
    • ModelGraphics.MinimumPixelSize
    • ModelGraphics.RunAnimations
    • Using ImageMaterialGraphics. StripeMaterialGraphics and GridMaterialGraphics as polyline materials
    • Ability to send CZML delete packets
This release also includes new functions to automatically download data over the internet from AGI servers. For more information, see the AGI Components for Java help at or the AGI Components for .NET help at Cesium Pro 1.19 Cesium Pro was upgraded to use version 1.19 of Cesium, which includes improved KML support. For more information, see the Cesium Pro help at  
Posted: 3/15/2016 12:37:51 PM