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An Inside look at AGI’s Product Support …

By: Shannon Lynch
Since most of our blogs are technical and written by engineers, I figured I’d write about the engineers who write those blogs to share information with you; the same engineers you interact with when you contact our product support team. AGI's Support Team By keeping current on your renewal maintenance, not only do you get access to product updates, and the many features that go out with each release, but you also get access to AGI’s people, actual engineers that are available to answer your questions, no matter how simple, specialized, or off the wall they are. In today’s technological society, how many times can you dial a phone number and speak to a human being? I mean a live human being. And not just somebody with a heartbeat, but somebody who can answer your question right away without having to jump through hoops or be passed around from one person to the next. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you reach out to AGI’s product support team, an aerospace engineer is the one who picks up the phone - a person who can help you with your questions immediately. There are no buttons to push, no automated systems, and no yelling “REPRESENTATIVE”, from your side of the phone. AGI’s product support team is comprised of many experienced engineers that are dedicated to providing high-level support to customers with active maintenance via email or phone. Our engineers can help with installation assistance, technical problem analysis, integration with other software, and much more. The average tenure of the engineers on the product support team is over 10 years! With that kind of experience solving problems using AGI software, you’ll be hard pressed not to get the answers you need to make you successful with our tools. Now I don’t want to brag, but I’m going to anyway - not only do we know our stuff, we are also good at what we do. We respond to 90% of cases within 24 hours of receipt and maintain over a 4.5/5 on our customer satisfaction surveys! That’s quite a feat when you deal with experts in their fields every day! And when our engineers hit their goals, the engineering managers pay the price. Most recently we all got pied in the face. Don’t believe it? Check out the video below for proof. So go ahead, give us a call or check out our resources that include content like code samples and example scenarios, brought to you by the very same engineers you speak to in an email or on the phone!
Posted: 3/28/2016 8:00:28 AM