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MMT 11 – One Stop Shopping for All Your Missile Model Needs

By: Matt White
The latest version of STK Missile Modeling Tools, MMT 11, has been released for use with STK 11 and includes some new features besides your basic “now compatible with STK 26” announcement. MCT, for example, has been given a new command line tool that allows you to run conversions from XML-based project files. By far the biggest and best of the new features in MMT 11, however, can be found in Missile Design Tool (MDT). Since its creation, MDT was destined to be the single tool that anyone would need to build their own models for use with the flight tools of the MMT suite – Missile Flight Tool (MFT), Interceptor Flight Tool (IFT), and Space Launch Vehicle Flight Tool (SLVFT). MDT started with the capability to model ballistic missiles of all shapes, sizes, aerodynamic characteristics, guidance strategies, and so on. Thus, MDT could help you design thorough missile models from day one. Next, the ability to design interceptors was reassigned from IFT to MDT, and in the process the depth of detail that you could specify in your interceptor models was improved to MDT’s existing standard for missiles.

And now, with MMT 11, you can design space launch vehicle models in MDT and then select them, in all their high-fidelity, customized glory, for your SLVFT flight evaluations. About the only blast-off that you can’t model with MDT now is the one that your productivity will experience!

Wow. That was just terrible. So terrible. My bad…



Posted: 3/17/2016 8:00:21 AM