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See you at Satellite 2016!

By: Greg Dermond
Visit the AGI booth #1840, and ComSpOC at #1841
If you plan on attending the Satellite Communications Conference on March 8-10, swing over to AGI’s booths to learn more about how to design, develop and operate your missions with the latest commercial software capabilities. Our Systems Tool Kit (STK) provides a high fidelity modeling environment, from which you can simulate test conditions and measure over 40,000 system performance metrics. In addition, we will be highlighting the new release of the highly extensible STK 11. Our top engineers will be onsite to lead you through our latest features including our Streaming Terrain Server, extensive Volumetrics coverage, phased array antennas, and custom models, materials and time dynamic thermal profiles with EOIR. We're also excited to show off the continued state-of-the-art and evolving ComSpOC (Commercial Space Operations Center), which is now covering all of the geostationary arc, and our LEO object count is steadily growing with the recent addition of our second radar. Furthermore, we have expanded our tracking to include objects not in the traditional public catalog for use in our safety of flight screening services. We have also just announced that we're building a new radar to track many more smaller objects to further reduce collision risk in the geostationary arc.

We look forward to seeing and talking with you about how our physics-based algorithms are like no other.

“Don’t mess with physics because physics will mess with you, and physics always wins…”                                                                               -Troy Orwan -  Air Force officer (Retired)
Posted: 3/3/2016 7:00:40 AM