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STK 11.0.1 is Here!

By: Washington Wedderburn

Maybe you hadn’t heard the news regarding STK 11’s barrier breaking features such as Volumetric Analysis, Phased Array Antennas, 64-bit support, and the new Aviator and Aviator Pro modules. Or maybe you’re just not one of those people who like to camp out overnight to secure the next hot gadget before everyone else. No worries. We have an unlimited supply of STK and this one goes to 11.0.1.

STK 11.0.1, like all our maintenance releases, focuses primarily on issues found by you, our customers. There is no better time than now to download and start using STK 11.0.1.  For a list of important issues addressed with this release, see STK 11.0.1 Corrected issues.

A Maintenance Release that Contains New Features?

Yep. This release isn’t all about bug fixes, it includes some pretty nifty features, too.

Are you a Cesium User?

If not, maybe it’s time to become one. Using our newest STK Plugin, CZML Exporter, you can export STK scenario graphics as web-based graphics that can be displayed in any Web browser running Cesium. See Supported STK Objects and Graphics.
STK 11.0.1

How about an Aviator or Aviator Pro User? Aviator and Aviator Pro, introduced with STK 11, have even more to offer with STK 11.0.1.

Aviator Introduces Three New Features:
  1. Non-powered Flight. Non-powered flight can now be modeled using the new Glide Basic Maneuver strategy.
  2. Collision Avoidance. The Basic Maneuver procedure has a new option for detecting terrain collision and interrupting the flight prior to impact.
  3. Flight Envelope Tool Enhancement. The Flight Envelope tool was expanded to include non-standard atmosphere effects.
Aviator Pro Now Includes Missile Models Aviator Pro now includes a set of Aero Propulsion models that can be used for modeling missiles. In addition, the Aircraft catalog contains Missile objects in addition to Aircraft objects. The Missile object has a variety of ease of use aspects for modeling missiles with Aviator. In addition, the Rendezvous Formation strategy has a new Guidance mode that prevents a collision between the flight leader and wing man.

Learn More

For more information on STK 11.0.1, see the STK Product page and the STK Desktop Help.

Want to upgrade to a newer version of STK?

Are you looking for a reason to upgrade to a newer version of STK?  Well, we have lots of them. Check out all the new features included in each STK version here.

Posted: 3/28/2016 3:04:53 PM