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A Journey Through Training Using Video Guidance

By: Craig Wooters
Are you stuck on one of our tutorials? Is something not making sense? Well please Don’t Stop Believing in us. We have Faithfully started to add video guidance to our online training material. That way you can learn Any Way You Want It.

We have found people learn in different ways. Some people love a physical copy of a training manual so they can go through the material on their own, perhaps by a warm fire with a nice glass of Brandy. Some desire an instructor to walk them through the steps, that way if they run into trouble they can ask questions immediately. For those two types of learners, we offer classroom training, where you can get a beautiful manual and a beautiful instructor to help teach you STK. You can learn more about our upcoming classes online.

But if you are someone who enjoys watching videos instruction and going through material on your own, you can do that right on our website and right in the tutorial. We are currently rolling out video walkthroughs of our training exercises to aid those who want a bit more guidance than the written tutorials. They are taught by one of our instructors and the material can be found online right at the start of the tutorial. You can walkthrough the exercise with our instructors from your office, home, or even on those boring beach vacations.

You can get started with our videos right now on our website. But before we go our Separate Ways, how about a song to get you motivated to learn?

Posted: 3/13/2017 9:38:02 AM