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Give a little love to these STK modules

By: Deb Sauerwald

We make a big splash when we release a new version of STK, but not so much with STK modules that release soon after STK does. So, you may not know about all the STK modules that have released since STK 11.3 went out the door.

For example, did you know that 11.3 versions of Analyzer, Scheduler, and Missile Tool Kit (MTK) were released in the first few months of 2018? If not, maybe you should think about installing them to take advantage of the following features:

Analyzer 11.3

This release of Analyzer, which is built on top of the May 2017 release of Phoenix Integration’s Model Center, boasts the following new features:

New Optimization tool

This new tool provides a collection of over 30 optimization algorithms, including gradient based optimizers, genetic algorithms, multi-objective algorithms, and other heuristic search methods. The Optimization tool user interface makes it easy to define optimization problems, and a new Algorithm Selection wizard helps you choose algorithms that will work best for the problem at hand.

Improved Probabilistic Analysis tool

This tool, which helps you understand how uncertainties in the design parameters affect the outputs of the Analyzer model, is improved in a number of ways:

  • In addition to random sampling methods such as the Monte Carlo method, the tool now provides a number of additional analytical methods that require much smaller sample sizes.
  • Probabilistic analysis can be set up and executed through an improved user interface. Using the GUI, you can easily switch between the nine available algorithms.

New Web GL Charting tool

This new tool will automatically display when running trade study tools with an updated Data Explorer. With this new tool, you will enjoy better scrolling and panning performance, higher resolution, and greater dimensions and color interactions than with the previous charting tool.

Improved toolbar and user interface

The new toolbar and user interface were designed with you in mind. New wizards and improved work flow will make it easier for you to use Analyzer.

Improved Analyzer tutorials

Analyzer tutorials have been updated to support the latest release of Analyzer. For your added convenience, we converted the tutorials from PDFs to HTML and added them to the STK help system.

Missile Tool Kit (MTK) 11.3

Not to be outdone, MMT has added the following features:

New Intercept Trajectory Generators

  • Fast_MedFi_11.   This generator is optimized for the MMT compiler in versions 11.3 and later and computes a full intercept trajectory as well as intercept characteristics such as crossing angle and closing velocity
  • IFT_11_2.  An update of the original MMT generator that uses the compiler from versions before 11.3. It computes a full intercept trajectory as well as intercept characteristics such as crossing angle and closing velocity.

Improved Summary Reports for Intercept Engagements

The summary reports produced for all types of intercept engagements contain more information about the events of those engagements.

New Export Options for 3D Interceptor Volume

You can now constrain the 3D interceptor performance curves that you export to STK by Time of Flight and Range.

Scheduler 11.3

And last but not least, Scheduler has added the following enhancements:

  • The STK Place object can now be imported into Scheduler.
  • Return data through the API can be turned off using the 'SCHED / ApiReturnDataEnabled False' command.
  • Examples are now provided for all Connect commands.
  • Updated and improved Scheduler tutorial. To learn how to use Scheduler or refresh your scheduler skills, follow the tutorial in the STK help system.

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Posted: 2/28/2018 4:35:52 PM