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Let the CAT out of the bag

By: Lauren McManus

STK’s Advanced Conjunction Analysis Tool (AdvCAT) is known for its ability to calculate conjunctions between satellites.  But there is so much more that it can do besides space-based applications.

Air-to-air defense debris analysis

You can use AdvCAT for air-to-air defense debris analysis.  STK can model trajectories of air or ground launched missiles and STK’s Missile Tool Kit (MTK) can model debris fields from impacts.  You can then use AdvCAT to see if the debris field will still endanger any assets.  Check out this article on how to set up this simulation.

Calculate launch windows

AdvCAT can also be used to calculate launch windows for missile or space launches using the Launch Window Tool.  This link has a video that explains how it works.

Air traffic management analysis

And lastly, with the growing popularity of unmanned vehicles, air traffic management is becoming an important area of modeling and simulation.  Check out this link to see how AGI is approaching the growing need for unmanned traffic management (UTM).  Then go to this article to see how STK and AdvCAT can be used for air traffic management analysis.

Posted: 3/12/2018 7:00:00 AM