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AGI’s InView magazine online for the first time

By: sclaypoole
The first issue of AGI’s corporate newsletter, InView, was published in April 1992. The 3 ½-page black-and-white publication (OK, there was a little blue, too) highlighted product news, tech tips and Q&A with our users. Nearly 20 years later, InView has changed in many ways, becoming a fancy 12-page (and sometimes more) full-color magazine mailed globally to more than 50,000 AGI fans. I’ve taken great pride in serving as the editor for the past few years, so it is with excitement that I announce our new look and feel. InView is now Web-based and available at All of the things we know our readership likes are still there, of course: the latest products, apps in progress from our developers, customer success stories, etc., but the online format allows us to add a little more whiz-bang. For instance, we were able to add the video that introduces our main feature on applying consumer technologies to space applications. And, the new format lets you click on web apps that give you an idea of what our software does without having to fully download and install it. And if there is a story or two that are just so awesome that you need to post them in your cube, there is an option to print one or all of the entries. We hope you enjoy our inaugural Web-based issue, and please let us know what you think!
Posted: 5/10/2011 6:35:38 PM