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AGI software capabilities for proposed DARPA SeeMe

By: agorski
Recently, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced details of a BAA to provide on-demand satellite imagery through a constellation of cheap, disposable satellites called Space Enabled Effects for Military Engagements, or SeeMe. The program should enable U.S. military personnel to request an image of their location and receive an image back within 90 minutes! This is an exciting concept of rapid and low-cost space missions. As an industry-recognized system modeling and analysis application, the STK suite of software is ideally suited to support missions of this nature through all phases:
  • Concept Development
  • BD Proposals
  • Detailed Engineering Trade Studies
  • Operations of the Satellite Constellation
Below is a quick video of the various analyses STK enables throughout an engineering organization. Click here to find out more how STK can help reduce risk and cost in your systems engineering process.
Posted: 5/15/2012 7:45:35 PM