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AGI's EarthKAM Explorer a finalist in NASA's International Space Apps Challenge

By: hpinkos
On April 20, five developers from AGI participated in the 2013 NASA International Space Apps Challenge, a two-day hackathon where more than 9,000 participants from around the world crafted open source solutions to space-related challenges. This was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate Cesium's capabilities. The goal of our challenge was to present satellite images taken by middle school students through the ISS EarthKAM program in an interactive format. We used Cesium to create EarthKAM Explorer, an application which overlays the images on a globe. Because Cesium runs in a web browser without additional installation, the application is easily accessible. Students can search for pictures they took and see them in context, and also see where the ISS was at the time the image was taken. The application uses CZML generated by STK to visualize the ISS and its orbit. It also uses CZML (generated from EarthKAM data) to display polygons representing each image. We were very excited to win second place in the Philadelphia competition, which qualified us for judging in the global competition along with 132 other projects. In addition to four judged categories, there is a People’s Choice award determined by public voting through Twitter. Vote for EarthKAM Explorer by sending a tweet to @spaceapps with the hashtag #earthkamapp or by clicking the green vote button on our project page. Voting is open through May 17. Here is a video describing our project: Thanks for voting!
Posted: 5/8/2013 1:34:48 PM