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AGI Announces Improved Performance Monitoring Solution for Satellite Operations

By: Stephanie Eftimiades


Exton, PA, USA (May 14, 2014)Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), the producer of commercial Systems Tool Kit (STK) modeling, simulation and analysis software for the space, defense and intelligence communities, is pleased to announce an improved way to train satellite operators, developed in collaboration with Hammers Company, a leader in software and simulation tools for satellite command and control.

Hammers Company’s Galaxy software for real-time spacecraft command and control and its VirtualSat real-time spacecraft dynamic simulator combines with STK to bring more capability than ever to training satellite operators. By overlaying flight software data on top of truth data, the integrated software solution provides developers with visual insight into the performance of the flight software. STK and VirtualSat also improve operator training by showing the spacecraft reaction to activities from the operations team.

“STK and STK software development kits are embedded into a number of operational space systems, and it makes sense that it is now part of Hammers Company’s satellite TT&C off-the-shelf products,” says Scott Light, AGI director, sales operations. “Customers will be able to see direct feedback to propulsion system commands, attitude changes, solar array deployments and even help with anomaly resolutions in the real-time interactive 4D display system.”

“Integrating STK with the Hammers Company’s Galaxy and VirtualSat systems provides flight software developers, spacecraft analysts and the mission operations team a visual capability to monitor performance and response of the spacecraft to ground operations commands,” said Stephan Hammers, president and COO at Hammers Company. “Integration of these world-class aerospace products provides a powerful and robust engineering development, training and sustaining engineering capability.”

For a demonstration of the integrated STK and Galaxy/VirtualSat capabilities, visit Hammers Company in booth 1300 at the 30th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO, from May 19 – 22 or stop by AGI booth 402 to learn more about STK.

AGI Announces Improved Performance Monitoring Solution for Satellite Operations Editorial Contact:
Stephanie Eftimiades
Public and Government Relations
Analytical Graphics, Inc. Phone: 610-981-8209
Posted: 5/14/2014 3:56:42 PM