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Profile: Captain Olegario Reynoso “Trains” with AGI

By: Stef C
Captain Olegario “Ollie” Reynoso joined AGI in summer 2013 as part of our participation in the Army’s Training with Industry (TWI) program. He is the third “graduate” of the program. The TWI was created in the 1970s as an “exchange program” whereby Army officers partner with industry for a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge, experience and perspective. The one-year programs are currently concentrated in the areas of artificial intelligence, aviation logistics, communications-electronics, finance, marketing, ordnance, physical security, procurement, public affairs, research and development, systems automation and transportation. With his one-year tenure at AGI almost complete, we sat down with Ollie to ask the important questions (e.g., cheesesteaks or Tastykakes?) Tell us a little about your professional background. I am a Captain in the US Army with 11 years of service. I began my career in the US Air Force and after three years of service at Kirtland Air Force Base (AFB), I did a lateral transfer into the Army. After initial training and a deployment to Iraq on a Military Transition Team as an Intelligence (MI) Officer, I completed additional training in Intelligence. I then followed on to serve as the Intelligence Officer for the 1st Squadron, 11th Armor Calvary Regiment at Ft. Irwin, where we facilitated the training of units that were readying for deployment. From Ft. Irwin, I transitioned to my current career field of a Space Operations Officer (FA40) which has brought me here.  I trained to become an FA40 at Colorado Springs and had several jobs with the 1st Space Brigade and USASMDC/ARSTRAT before arriving at Exton to work with and train here at AGI. How did you get involved in the TWI program? While working in the 1st Space Brigade, the opportunity presented itself to apply for the TWI program and I threw my name in the hat, so to speak. What did you know about AGI/STK before you came here? During training to become an FA40, there was an introduction to the software that was utilized as part of our suite for space situational awareness and analysis. What projects have you been working on at AGI? I have mainly been working with the Test and Evaluation Integrated Product Team which currently has a focus of providing capability for Lockheed Martin as they test the F-35.  I have also worked on other items providing input and helping to facilitate the data acquisition and relationships. What is the coolest STK trick you’ve learned during your tenure? The coolest STK trick is the “body mask,” being able to determine the field of view from any point on an object is powerful and educational. The body mask provides the opportunity to see what is obstructing from the perspective of that point which can be helpful in communications or other capabilities that are dependent on clear line of sight. Additionally, a body mask gives insight as to how to best place a capability to gain what is desired on a platform and once a line of sight capability is emplaced how to mitigate the degradation of that capability. Besides the free food, what has been the highlight of your year here? The people are very hospitable, welcoming and caring. Coming from a regimented environment where procedures and process are very direct, the environment here was a great place for my training and I have learned a lot along with reinforcing some of the good things that I have been taught throughout my career. What is your favorite Philly tradition that you’ve experienced firsthand? I would have to say cheesesteaks.  Cheesesteaks remind me of tortas; which is a kind of sandwich. Being far away from friends and family, a good cheesesteak brings back good memories. What’s next for you? I will be going to work at Army Central Command (ARCENT) at Shaw, AFB. I do not know what I will be working at ARCENT yet, but I do know that it will be space related.  Having trained here has provided additional skills and tools that will be very useful in my next job as well as my future assignments.
Posted: 5/19/2014 2:45:35 PM