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ODTK 6.5 Release Offers Key Enhancements

By: Tom Johnson
The ODTK 6.5 release, which rolled out the doors today, has something for everyone interested in orbit determination, such as.

New and Updated Measurement Models

  • Space based measurement models have been updated to work for the observer orbiting any central body and observing an object about any other central body (e.g. an Earth orbiting observatory tracking an asteroid)
  • Mendes-Pavlis troposphere correction model added for SLR measurement support (IERS 2010 convention)
  • IERS troposphere model for radio frequencies added
  • Normal point range model now includes the general relativity correction

New Simulator Option

  • Option to create one file per pass. This more accurately reflects what someone might see in operations.

New Force Model Options

  • The empirical force model now allows the ability to estimate a constant acceleration.
  • Specify the maneuver in delta-V units
  • Specify maneuver mass loss as a single mass decrement over the maneuver interval.

Enhanced Interoperability

  • The initial state tool now supports reading states from a Vector Covariance Message (VCM).
  • A JPL Spice file can be used as a reference ephemeris.
  • The ability to read in one (1) way bistatic Doppler and one (1) way bistatic range measurements from tracking data supplied in the UTDF format has been added.

ODTK 6.5 License Upgrade

ODTK 6.5 is a licensing event that requires a new ODTK 6.5 license.

More Information

For more information on what is included in this release, see ODTK Release Notes.

For information on the ODTK product, see the ODTK Spec Sheet.

Posted: 5/31/2017 1:27:53 PM