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New versions of STK and SOLIS now available; Scheduler and Analyzer releasing soon

By: Washington Wedderburn

We have recently released 11.4 versions of STK and SOLIS. And, within the next two weeks, we will be releasing 11.4 versions of Scheduler and Analyzer.  Read on to discover the feature content of each release.

STK  11.4

This STK release, which is now available for download, includes improvements across all STK modules, Listed here are just some of the highlights:

  • All files found in ProgramData\AGI\STK 11 (x64), which can be updated via the Dynamic Update Utility, can now be placed in the user’s Config directory (in a similar folder structure to ProgramData) and these local files will take priority over the files in ProgramData. This allows the user to update dynamic files copied from without the need for admin permission in cases where the user can’t write to ProgramData. The Dynamic Update Utility will automatically place files in the appropriate directory in Config if files in ProgramData are not writeable.
  • Chains, which provides the ability to compute linked accesses between many pairs of objects, has undergone a significant upgrade in STK 11.4. Performance was a key focus, so the ability to use the STK Parallel Computing Extension has been added for 11.4 to distribute access calculations across multiple cores on a single machine or distributing the computations over a cluster. To support the Parallel Computing Extension, the way constellations were handled within a chain was refactored, which improved performance when using constellation constraints even without the use of multiple cores or a cluster. Reductions in serialization times and memory footprint are additional benefits of the refactoring.
  • A new time-varying thrust steering option is available for finite maneuvers. This option supports polynomial and sine terms to control the azimuth and elevation of the thrust vector throughout the duration of the maneuver.
  • The Parallel Computing extension has been updated to support secure connections (SSL, mutual SSL & access control) to an STK Scalability cluster.
  • Phased Array Antenna element spacing can now be specified in absolute distance units in addition to the current wavelength ratio units.
  • A Sub/Super/Hypersonic aerodynamic model was added for the Aviator Advanced Fixed Wing performance system. This model is designed to provide a "full speed range" option for modeling high speed aircraft; for hypersonics, this represents a "first principles" model that can provide significant insight. It makes use of a thin airfoil theory at all 3 speed realms, and allows the user to independently control the frontal area ratio as well as transonic and wave drag factors for fine control over drag.
  • The Solar Panel Tool computational performance has been improved by utilizing the computer's graphics card (GPU) when possible.

For the complete feature list that includes multiple Analysis Workbench, Aviator, Astrogator, Chains, Communications, General Astro, and Visualization enhancements, see New Features.

​Visit  to download STK 11.4 and its associated add-ons. Users with up-to-date support and maintenance agreements will be able to request new licenses to enable this latest release. As usual our outstanding customer support team is at the ready to answer all your questions.

SOLIS 11.4

This substantial SOLIS upgrade has been in development for some time and Kyle Andringa of Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI) is very excited to tell you about the new features in this release.

He says that “SOLIS 11.4 is by far the most capable and versatile COTS Spacecraft Simulation and Analysis System ever developed. To learn more about this release of SOLIS, go to Kyle's blog.

Scheduler 11.4

This release of Scheduler has these new features:

  • Functionality for "rolling schedules" (schedules that move forward and receive updates in real time) has been greatly improved.
  • Tasks can now transition between the same resource mode.
  • Performance is improved for generating large numbers of possibilities.
  • You can now specify an exact time preference for timeslots.
  • Ability to partially retain some settings for a task on recreation was added.
  • The Scheduler Online compatibility was updated.

Analyzer 11.4

This release of Analyzer features a beta version of a fully functional radar capability encompassing Monostatic, Bistatic Receiver, and Bistatic Transmitter types. Be on the lookout for a separate blog detailing all the new functionality. 

STK spec sheet | SOLIS spec sheet | Scheduler spec sheet | Analyzer spec sheet

Want to upgrade to a newer version of STK?

Are you looking for a reason to upgrade to a newer version of STK?  Well, we have lots of them. Check out all the new features included in each STK version here.

Posted: 5/2/2018 2:37:30 PM