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Commercializing Space in Israel: A great opportunity for Israel and AGI

By: mmalek
It seems as though the recent space cooperation agreement between the U.S. and Israel is just the beginning for Israel. Israel is now looking to leverage its experience in defensive space and its people's strong engineering skills to invest in commercial space, too.  Although nothing is official, Israel’s Prime Minister has discussed a plan that would invest up to $80 million annually over 3 to 5 years. Israel is known for using commercial technology (hardware and software) in defense solutions; reducing cost while improving the “speed to battle” of systems. Undoubtedly Israel will apply this same practice to the space industry.  AGI is well positioned to provide a foundation of expertise to these endeavors. AGI software, is already used by some top aerospace engineers in Israel and will provide an excellent foundation for the industry to standardize on.  In addition, AGI’s Educational Alliance Program has provided an excellent foundation for thousands of children at Israel’s top universities and high schools.      AGI looks forward to working with Israel as it matures and executes its strategy of commercializing space. The efficiency and know how in space combined with AGI software is recipe for success.
Posted: 11/1/2010 3:45:05 PM