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Standard Object Catalog adds 150+ new satellites

By: dkaslow
Are you looking for that perfect gift for Grandma for the holidays? Well, if she wants a detailed satellite for her STK scenario then we have it covered. The Standard Object Catalog (SOC) is a free data repository of engineering models for use in STK and other AGI analysis products. Its purpose is to accelerate your analysis answers quickly by reducing or eliminating the time it takes to find data and construct models. Population of the Standard Object Catalog (SOC) continues with the addition of 118 technology development satellites, mostly small cubesats built by university students.  Cubesat project objectives are primarily to give university students experience designing, building, launching and operating a satellite. We've also added 42 GPS satellites and enhanced the search capability with the addition of a country filter. The SOC currently contains 536 satellites and 949 facilities.  There are 148 Earth observation, 118 technology development, 192 communication and 78 navigation satellites. Work has started on the next addition to the SOC, scientific satellites. You can access the SOC at or download objects from within STK from our AGI Data Federate.
Posted: 11/22/2010 6:05:52 PM