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STK Engine in a web browser

By: jpoley
We’ve been asked for the capability hundreds of times so last July Sylvain posted an awesome sample of STK Engine running in a web browser. We’re currently working on more of these online demos that run right in your browser and don’t require an STK installation. This is the first of those demos and we’d love your feedback on it so we can make the next ones better and more useful. This application is essentially a web-based implementation of STK Engine that functions very similar to AGI Viewer. It allows you to load VDFs (scenarios) and check out some of the problems that our software can solve. It is a thick client but everything gets downloaded at run time (and in the days of daily HD movie downloads, even the initial 55 MB download is no big deal). If you’ve installed it before, the load/download time should be much faster. If you’ve never used STK or Viewer, use your right mouse button in the 3D window to zoom and your left mouse button to pan. The rest of the icons you can have fun exploring on your own. To run it, go to the STK Engine Online Showcase here. You will need to login to the website. A few things that you need to know about this example: - The showcase application works without an STK install. - STK Engine (~55MB) is downloaded once, the first time an application is run. - This includes 2D, 3D and all the analytical power from STK. - This is built using WPF Browser Applications (XBAP). - This will not interfere with a regular STK install (if present on the machine). - Demo licenses are included, so there is no additional step required to run it. - Running this web application does not require administrative rights. - New versions and updates are automatically downloaded. - You need Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher Here is a video (no audio) that shows the installation as well as how to do a few things. Please feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section. Check back soon, we’ll be adding more applications very soon.
Posted: 11/23/2010 7:24:43 PM