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Missile and air defense demos at Dubai Airshow

By: mmalek

AGI will be at the Dubai Airshow next week for demonstrations and discussions on using our Systems Tool Kit (STK) software to model land, sea, air and space assets, analyze their mission effectiveness and visualize everything within an interactive 3D display.

We hope you'll stop by our booth, 2709, to see firsthand how STK provides mission-critical modeling, simulation and analysis activities for:

Missile and air defense
  • End-to-end system simulation
  • Fully integrated set of missile defense models
  • Multiple aircraft operations
  • New airframe acquisition and integration
Border security
  • Optimize ISR assets
  • Determine gaps and areas of interest
  • Dynamically re-plan aircraft
  • Merge GIS data, imagery and terrain
Electronic system evaluation
  • Conceptual RF design and system specification
  • Analysis of tradeoffs across RF and non-RF mission elements
  • Integration with network simulations for more realistic cyber effects modeling
  • Simulation of hardware, such as signal generators or threat emulators, to bring more realistic RF behavior to hardware in the loop simulation
If you're unable to make it to Dubai, visit to learn more about STK capabilities and to request a demo!
Posted: 11/13/2013 9:21:38 PM