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Predicting navigation accuracy for UAV missions STK DIY demo today

By: driver
I'm hosting an STK DIY seminar today (Nov. 21 at 1:30 p.m. EST), and its all about web services. STK tools are a natural fit for the web service model. With analytic calculations being done on the server and visualization occurring in the browser, STK tools make easy work of implementing a services-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure for your next project. During my DIY walkthrough, I'll go over a simple application that calculates and displays navigation accuracy over a UAV search route. I'll display this on a Cesium globe in the browser, and show how analysis can be performed easily here. Next, we'll investigate the services behind the app. We'll explore the methods called, and run them from the browser to see how easy it is to change your analysis criteria. Then, I'll show how this simple REST web service is implemented, using Visual Studio 2013's new WebAPI project type. Finally we'll see how STK Components drive the server's analytic calculations using the Route Design Library, the Terrain Analysis Library and the Navigation Accuracy Library. Once you know the steps to creating these services, ideas for expanding them start to flow. Instead of navigation accuracy, we could show communications or satellite coverage information or a myriad of other C4ISR types of analysis. Adding STK Server into the mix allows us to support back-end object and data storage as well as immediate scaling of calculations to multiple server machines, handling large volumes of users and deeper calculation fidelity. Join us today to learn how easy it is to build REST services that employ STK tools for analysis—right from your browser. If you’re unable to join live, download the recording after the event.
Posted: 11/21/2013 2:59:53 PM