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New Level 2 - STK Master Certification Test Released!

By: Shannon Lance

Our STK Certification program has two levels:

  • Level 1 - STK Certified
  • Level 2 - STK Master Certified

Our Level 1 Certification test has always mapped directly to our STK Help Level 1 - Beginner training. Once you go through those lessons, you are ready to take the Level 1 – STK Certification test.

We wanted to do the same for our Level 2 Certification test. So, on November 1st, we released an updated Level 2 – STK Master Certification test! The test now assesses skills taught in the STK Help Level 2 – Advanced training lessons. After going through the Level 2 - Advanced lessons online or joining us in the classroom for one of our L1 & L2: Comprehensive instructor-led classes, you will learn all the skills needed to take the Level 2 – STK Master Certification test! All of our classes are listed on and are constantly being updated.

We encourage everyone, even folks who have already become an STK Master, to challenge themselves by taking the new Level 2 – STK Master Certification test! If you are not yet Level 1 – STK Certified, please get started on your STK journey by registering here. If you already are Level 1 Certified or are already an STK Master, register here to take the new Level 2 – STK Master Certification test today!

Posted: 11/8/2016 10:02:01 AM