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A new way to get help on your STK scenarios

By: bitzer
AGI Data Federate At AGI Tech Support, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for customers to get the answers they need quickly.  One thing people like to do is send us their scenarios to review and sometimes improve. But with firewalls and email filters blocking large files or zip files, and with FTP servers being annoying to access, we are using this cool new tool called the AGI Data Federate (ADF). The ADF is a data server that allows users to store STK scenarios, files, objects, models, reports, etc. in a central location for everyone with a login to access.  The best part about it, though, is that it keeps track of file versions, which makes it awesome for tech support.  AGI has a public ADF server where customers can give us their scenarios in a folder only the user can see. We can load it directly into STK by clicking on the Open button and loading it from the ADF. From there I can edit the scenario and save it as Version 2. Then the customer can edit it and save it as Version 3, and so on.  The server keeps all of the previous versions and version change notes so that the user can recall them later. This makes the process of supporting you a lot easier.  You can find information on the ADF and how to get an account for our public server on our website.  While you’re on the ADF, you can also take a look at our Standard Object Catalog, which has many common facilities and satellite objects for all to share.  If you’d like to add some objects to the public catalog, please let us know!
Posted: 10/7/2010 8:16:02 PM