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AGI Global Tech Tour - Europe - count down

By: mmalek
In about two weeks, AGI's 2010 Global Tech Tour team brings a "remixed" version of the 2010 Users' Conference Road Show to Europe. In total, AGI presenters will deliver the tech tour to 15 locations during a two-week period, with participation and attendees from the top European space and defense organizations. A key presenter on this trip will be Dr. T.S. Kelso of the Center for Space Standards and Innovation (CSSI), AGI's research arm. Kelso will present several technical sessions and serve as the keynote speaker at most sites discussing the importance of Collaborative SSA. AGI's international business partners are excited about this event, which will serve as a foundation for AGI to continue to build and support a European User Group. Space situational awareness, debris mitigation, AGI software The tech tour events will include AGI presentations, customer presentations and presentations from key AGI alliance partners. We look forward to the event, which has more than 400 registrants to date and many more expected in the coming weeks. To learn more about the AGI Global Tech Tour Europe go to
Posted: 10/5/2010 6:15:40 PM