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AGI on YouTube!

By: elkins
Like our animated videos? Be sure to check out AGI’s YouTube channel!  We have more than 70 videos, including about 30 short STK tutorials (basic and advanced techniques). You will also find all of our recent "news-related" videos, many of which you may have seen in the national news media in the past couple years.  Examples of these videos include our Apollo 13 - 40th anniversary video, an event reconstruction of the North Korean Taepodong launch (which somehow made its way onto "The Daily Show" with John Stewart?!?), and an analysis of the Iridium 33/Cosmos 2251 collision. (See below!) The YouTube channel page is a great place to catch up on new STK features, as well as the latest and greatest from AGI, so be sure to subscribe so you will be the first to know when we upload new videos!
Posted: 10/6/2010 8:30:58 AM