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Dr. T.S. Kelso builds momentum for collaborative space situational awareness

By: mmalek
Three days into AGI’s Global Tech Tour Europe T.S. Kelso’s keynote speech draws a great deal of interest from key space organizations including several top European defense organizations and civil space organizations such as CNES and DLR. Dr. Kelso’s compelling argument for open sharing of data among operators and those operating space object tracking assets allowed for some great dialogue with a number of participants agreeing that if the space industry is willing to take ownership of this issue by openly sharing data, we can lower the risk of operating in space with minimal investment.  Furthermore, AGI software can serve as the core application for processing such data as demonstrated by AGI’s own Josh Reicher in the Space Object Tracking Technical Session, which is one of four technical sessions conducted during the seminar. It should be noted that upon the completion of each session several key organizations indicated an interest in learning more about working with Dr. Kelso to improve space situational awareness through sharing of data with groups like the Space Data Association.  T.S. Kelso’s presentation, which also provides an overview of the Space Data Association (SDA) and the Space Data Center (SDC), will be available for download at at the conclusion of the Tech Tour.
Posted: 10/27/2010 6:39:36 PM