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Insight3D examples on the ADN Code Exchange

By: cozzi
On the former Insight3D blog, I mentioned that we started adding Insight3D examples to the ADN Code Exchange. Since then, we've added even more examples, two of which I'd like to highlight here. The new Visualizing Vectors example demonstrates a commonly requested task: how to position and oriented vectors in any reference frame using the solid primitive: The other example I'd like to mention is the Adaptive Latitude Longitude Grid. This example demonstrates how to draw a latitude longitude grid using the PolylinePrimitive, and how to make its resolution change based on viewer altitude using display conditions. To browse all the Insight3D examples, go to the ADN Code Exchange, and filter by product category "AGI Components" and product sub-category "Insight3D Visualization Library", or just click here. Many of these examples were written in response to inquires on the ADN Discussion Forums - so if you are an Insight3D user, it pays to be active on the forums.
Posted: 10/1/2010 7:07:02 PM