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Modeling communications with AGI software

By: jwelsh

We’ll be heading to San Jose, CA, October 31 – November 3 for the MILCOM 2010 trade show. A leading international military communications conference, MILCOM provides a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate what sets us apart from other communications software.

Our specialty is modeling communications among moving platforms such as airplanes, ships and ground vehicles, and we do it while taking into account all factors involved in the mission.  For instance, we model platform dynamics, radio frequency obstructions and interactions with platforms, terrain and buildings; atmospheric effects; interference and jamming; ISR sensor performance; end-to-end mission satisfaction—AND, we put it all together in one modeling environment. The results include greater accuracy and confidence in predictions of operational communications performance and a better opportunity to optimize that performance for the entire mission. RT Logic and the U.S. Marines are two customers who have relied on these benefits.   At MILCOM, we’ll be in Booth 1528 demonstrating our fundamental capabilities as well as how we interoperate with other software packages to study cyber events and develop mission assurance strategies. So stop by our booth, check out our capabilities and ask for a demo or two!
Posted: 10/26/2010 12:14:16 PM