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Speeding development while reducing cost: CAST Navigation produces state-of-the-art GUI for new military aircraft avionics system

By: sclaypoole
The 2010 Users’ Conference Tour showcased some great STK success stories by AGI software users. Among them was Bob Addiss, a senior software engineer at CAST Navigation. Bob shared his team’s experience using STK Engine for a new avionics system for a sophisticated military aircraft. STK Engine is basically an API for embedding STK’s analytical and 3D visualization capabilities into custom or third-party software applications. CAST had just three months to create a state-of-the art graphical user interface (GUI) that would show what was happening during the flight simulation and how the navigation system was being affected by other objects in the environment. Embedding STK Engine saved CAST time developing the GUI from scratch, which would have taken man-years, not months. “STK could handle all the required data types out of the box. It also modeled 3D views impressively, easily produced custom data flows, and most importantly, could help us deliver the application on schedule,” Bob says. Read the full case study and/or download Bob’s PowerPoint from the Users’ Conference Tour.
Posted: 10/13/2010 7:14:29 PM