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UDOP it like it's hot

By: jpoley
Blame it on the movies, but I think most people assume the military has had command centers with huge, impressive screens showing everything happening in the world simultaneously for the last 30 years. However, imagining a command center like that and actually making one are two very different things. In reality, the military is currently building systems like we have always imagined, and the real-world term for them is User-Defined Operational Picture (UDOP). UDOPs are quick dashboards of vital information that allow users to make fast, accurate decisions … just like in Hollywood. Being a company with deep roots in the space industry, we decided to try our hand at a space UDOP. We created a space dashboard that allows the user to know everything that is going on in space. Our Web-enabled UDOP lets the user know where every satellite and tracked piece of space junk is (more than 16,000 objects); where new foreign space launches are taking place; which satellites are getting too close to each other; and which satellites are in view of any ground station if they need a closer look. The best part? Unlike the movies, ours is real. Everything we show is calculated with really fancy math (read: actual rocket science). Now operators can predict accidents like the Iridium-Cosmos collision from 2009. It is as close to omnipotence in space that our technology allows. Come see our UDOP in action at the USSTRATCOM Space Symposium in Omaha. Read our official press release here. Check out the screen shots below.(Click for larger image)
Posted: 10/29/2010 7:51:26 PM