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Use the AGI Data Federate (ADF) to collaborate in your organization

By: jwelsh
AGI Data Federate (ADF) Matt just wrote about the neat new way our support group is assisting customers using our AGI Data Federate (ADF) product that we released in May.  That’s just one example of the many ways you can use it to collaborate and get additional use out of your software right now. Think about it. Does your organization have different people working on related projects or doing related things? Maybe they are in separate divisions or even different locations.  Would working on one platform make it easier for them to share scenarios, models, input or concepts?  If so, consider ADF. As you can see from Matt’s blog, it boosts efficiency and makes keeping track of changes really easy.  Another huge advantage, as Matt mentioned, is access to the Standard Object Catalog housed in ADF. The Standard Object Catalog is a collection of data that allows you to get started with a lot of the content you typically look for when you start projects with our software. We have hundreds of entities with payloads—satellites with their correct locations—and ground stations with their correct locations in that catalog now. It’s searchable and gets you up and running quickly. The keeper of the catalog, Dave Kaslow, will be blogging from time to time to tell you what’s been added. Look for his entries in upcoming blogs.
Posted: 10/7/2010 8:35:49 PM