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Multi-INT integration with PIXIA at GEOINT 2012

By: tsmith
At next week’s GEOINT 2012 Symposium, AGI will be showing off all of the latest and greatest things we have to support the GEOINT mission, including the upcoming STK version 10 release (with free 3D). We will also be highlighting our ability to model, analyze and visualize multi-INT.  As part of our multi-INT story, we will be demonstrating our integration with PIXIA's Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) Web Services Specification. PIXIA provides high-performance, scalable data access solutions for BIG data. This is one of the coolest new capabilities from AGI. Since WAMI is an OGC standard, it has become a key multi-INT source for analysts and operators within the GEOINT community. We think being able to show a WAMI service that integrates directly into a modeled ISR system generated from STK will bring lots of interest from GEOINT attendees.  This demonstration emphasizes AGI’s commitment to promoting interoperability between tradecraft partners. Having a modeling, analysis and visualization capability that leverages WMS, WMTS, ArcGIS, KML, WAMI and tracks, right off-the-shelf, can be described in one word—awesome. We hope to see you in booth 1221!
Posted: 10/3/2012 2:52:01 PM