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STK demos at Japan Aerospace; watch Mission Idea Contest finalist presentations via Ustream

By: sclaypoole
If you are attending the Japan Aerospace Expo in Nagoya this week, look for AGI representatives and our partners at LSAS Tec Co., Ltd., for demos and discussions of our capabilities for space mission design and operations. Click here to read how STK was used for JAXA's SELENE lunar explorer. The UN/Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium is also in Nagoya this week from 10-13 October. During the event, 10 finalists from the 2nd Mission Idea Contest for Micro/Nano Satellites Utilization (MIC2) are sharing their presentations via Ustream. The goal of the MIC is to encourage innovative exploitation of micro/nano-satellites to provide useful and sustainable capabilities, services or data, as well as to contribute to capacity building in space engineering/science fields. AGI sponsored free use of STK to the university teams. STK provided students with a tool for integration and development of their ideas. It allowed them to simulate their missions, checking parameters and operation results quickly and efficiently. They needed to consider the trade-offs among resolution, revisit time, satellite spacing and many other factors, and STK helped them visualize their mission as well as numerically calculate the factors that they needed to know. The ability to visualize the mission and operation in STK helped students to investigate and scrutinize the idea from all possible angles.
Posted: 10/8/2012 2:48:48 PM