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Supporting the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge

By: sclaypoole
The first Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC) has selected a winner, and we are proud to announce that it is an AGI Educational Alliance Program partner: Concordia University! The CSDC is a Canada-wide competition where teams of university students design and build a small "cubesat" satellite—10x10x34 cm (4x4x13 inches) and a mass of up to 4 kg (9 lbs). Once constructed, the satellites will undergo full launch and space environment qualification, with the goal of launching the winning satellite into orbit to conduct its science research mission. Among the primary goals of the Challenge was the intention to give participating students a solid foundation in satellite design, project management and working in a large, interdisciplinary team setting. AGI supplied the 12 participating teams with a full suite of its STK software, giving the participants valuable experience with industry-leading space mission design and analysis software. During the competition, teams had “milestone” dates for which they have had to submit required management and design documentation, including mandatory analyses using STK. Representatives from each team also participated in a Solar Panel Workshop, hosted at a Canadian space company, and were required to give a Critical Design Review presentation in front of a panel of experienced space industry professionals. The winning team was announced on September 29, 2012, at a gala dinner celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of Alouette-I, Canada’s first satellite. "The CSDC has been a huge undertaking, and could only have been possible with the support of many sponsors and supporters, as well as with the incredible energy and dedication of the participating students," says Larry Reeves, president, Geocentrix Technologies Ltd.
Posted: 10/11/2012 1:46:58 PM