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Show me the perigee! Kicking off the AGI University Grant Competition

By: agrow
We kicked off this year's AGI University Grant Competition recently, inviting full-time undergraduate and graduate students to propose and solve real-world aerospace problems using AGI software in their solution. Last year when we started this competition we weren't entirely sure how it would go. It really is a challenging project, but we were blown away by more than 50 applications from 10 different countries. Also, we weren't getting "same old, same old" in terms of AGI software usage. Two of the winners' projects involved using STK for firefighting and for archaeoastronomy—talk about innovative! It's just this kind of ingenuity that taught us as much as the students learned, and made us sure we wanted to carry on the competition in 2011. So, as you can see, we have high hopes for this year! We took lessons learned from last year—what worked and what needed tweaking—and the first thing we came up with is new categories with weighted awards. We also increased the prize to $6,500 in grant money! (Also, you get a free T-shirt without signing up for a credit card at a folding table in the student center!) The bottom line is that it's a fun competition with a solid chunk of prize money up for grabs. We're not stringent about the rules or entries, we value outside-the-box thinking. And, there's plenty of time to work on the project. Ready to join? Check out
Posted: 9/30/2010 6:37:51 PM