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Run UARS orbits on your machine

By: jpoley
If you would like to see where the UARS satellite is on your own machine, you can download our Viewer product and a file with the latest orbital information. You will be able to control the time of the animation to see where UARS is, and when. You will also be able to record movies and take screen snaps. Step 1. Download and install AGI Viewer by clicking here. You need to be running Windows. Step 2. Download this file. It is NOT a de-orbit prediction tool but it will show you where the location of UARS based on the latest public orbit information. Check back for updates. They will be posted as the same file and noted here. *UPDATE 5:06pm EST* - New TLE added. If you downloaded before, just get the VDF file again. If you want to change the animation mode from 'RealTime', click the little yellow analog clock icon. In normal animation mode you can look into the future, speed up and slow down time. If you would like to perform satellite analysis beyond visualization, you can download STK here. Please refer to NASA's site for the official information.
Posted: 9/23/2011 6:36:59 PM