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AGI ISR solutions at GDI APAC- mission accomplished

By: mhonaker
Kob kun kaa, Bangkok, for your warm hospitality! Dan Honaker and I, along with Mathieu from our Singapore business partner TME Systems, were manning the station at GDI APAC last week. We met a variety of folks; from those who had never heard of STK to those who specifically thanked us for our re-branding of "Systems Tool Kit!" Dan presented on Tuesday during the Technology Focus Day. He discussed AGI’s latest STK Server application, demonstrating integration with Esri’s ArcGIS capabilities. Dan was honored to be asked to give another presentation on Thursday to provide an in-depth overview of AGI’s ISR solutions, which was another great opportunity to answer more of your questions! Some of the questions included:
  • How could I use STK to decide which type of comm system I should use for my mission?
  • Does STK model different modulation schemes and multi-path effects?
  • Can you actually model my UAV system?
Check out AGI’s Communications product overview or the Modeling and Simulation and UAV & aircraft missions sites to answer these questions, or you can always email our support team ( for more answers. We’ll see you next year, GDI!
Posted: 9/18/2012 8:03:05 PM