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New SSA videos and papers from AMOS Conference

By: sclaypoole
A few AGI and CSSI space situational awareness (SSA) subject matter experts were fortunate enough to spend time in Maui recently at the AMOS Conference. We thought you might appreciate accessing some of the demos and papers that were presented at the event. Plus, below is a newly created video based on a demo about modeling, simulation and analysis for scheduling applications that was shown in the booth.

STK Modeling, Simulation and Analysis for Scheduling Applications from Analytical Graphics, Inc. on Vimeo.

  • STK DIY Demo: Watch yesterday's “Architecture Trade Studies in Support of System Design” STK DIY, based on an AMOS booth demo
  • SSA Video: AGI software for space situational awareness booth video
  • Scheduling Whitepaper: SSA Sensor Tasking Approach for Improved Orbit Determination Accuracies and More Efficient Use of Ground Assets – Alex Herz, Orbit Logic, Frank Stoner, AGI, Bob Hall, AGI and William Fisher, Optwise Corporation
  • BLITS Whitepaper: “What Happened to BLITS? Analysis of the 013 Jan 22 Event” – Dr. T.S. Kelso, CSSI
  • Collaborative SSA Whitepaper: “Collaborative Commercial Space Situational Awareness with ESpOC-Empowered Telescopes” – Dr. T.S. Kelso, CSSI
  • SSA Current Events Website: Stay up-to-date with AGI’s space and SSA event animations and news
Posted: 9/27/2013 12:03:53 PM