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Throwback Thursday: Back to school edition!

By: seftimiades
In honor of the return of many of our software users back to the trenches of academia, we bring you this special education-focused Throwback Thursday. AGI has been committed to supporting the academic community since the company’s very beginning. Our educational program, aimed at educating students with relevant, industry-used software, officially began in July of 1996 with just a handful of schools. Today, the Educational Alliance Program (EAP) provides STK to almost 24,000 students in 248 programs in 31 countries! Many programs, such as the U.S. Air Force Academy, Penn State and the University of Colorado at Boulder, have been involved with the EAP for more than 15 years. Teachers in both military and civilian academic institutions, from elementary to university levels, creatively incorporate STK into a wide variety of courses, ranging from aerospace and electrical engineering and space systems to physics and geography. There is also a wide use in SmallSat projects and modeling and simulation competitions. The EAP now offers educators more than 200 examples of curriculum integration, extended modules included in the licensing and STK Certification for students, equipping the next generation of STK Rocket Scientists! Learn more at!
Posted: 9/5/2013 7:22:29 PM