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Not to Brag, But... I LOVE this Job!

By: Karynna Tuan

Hello dear blog-readers, my name is Karynna and I’m an Aerospace Systems Engineer here at AGI. At 24 years old, starting my career fresh out of college, I never in a million years expected to be living out in Singapore, traveling to various countries, and getting to call this my job.

"Fun with drones!"

I graduated from the University of Colorado (go Buffs!) in 2015 with a concurrent BS/MS degree in Aerospace Engineering and promptly moved across the country to work at AGI headquarters in Exton, PA. As a Colorado native, it was a big change for me to leave my friends and family and start a new life on the East Coast, but AGI made the transition easy. Every time someone asks me, “How’s your job? What’s your company like?” all I can do is brag, because AGI really is the type of company that you just want to boast about (and I promise no one is paying me to say this!).

AGI welcomes each and every new hire with open arms and does everything they can to ensure everyone is comfortable and treated well. AGI promotes a great work/life balance, and we always try to have some fun in the workplace; work hard, play hard! My managers and team provide me with enough information to succeed in my role, but I definitely also have the freedom to challenge myself and learn through application. I quickly adapted to the new environment and new people, and I felt confident in my work and what I do for the company. I started on the Product Support team, which aims to support and help our customers in their daily usage of our software. We have a diverse, intelligent group of engineers that are ready to answer your calls and emails and make sure you are taking full advantage of our products. We truly pride ourselves on our superb support team and ability to address our customers’ problems right away. Additionally, the team is responsible for training new users, giving demos to potential customers, and creating a majority of the resources and content available on our website. It’s not all work though, we definitely know how to have fun especially when we reach our goals!

"Rewarding a Job Well Done"

I spent about a year at AGI headquarters until an amazing opportunity came up to work out in our Singapore office and support the Asia Pacific area. I didn’t travel much growing up, especially with my immediate family living in the same state and my rigorous school schedule, so the possibility to travel was always something on my mind. We have a few domestic offices (Washington DC, Colorado Springs, and Southern California) as well as ones in the UK and Singapore. With our business expanding more internationally, we also have a network of partners for technical assistance and sales services beyond the US and Canada. When I found out that we had an open position in Singapore, I jumped at the chance to work in Asia. I spoke with my manager and soon after, things became official and everything happened very quickly. I signed an offer letter for two years, flew out to Singapore to find an apartment, met with our local partners, and the next thing I know, I’m all packed and ready to move.

"Marina Bay, Singapore"

I’ve been out here in Singapore for about two months now, and I’m still amazed at the opportunity AGI had to offer. The Asia Pacific team supports our partners and end-users throughout Asia and Australia enhancing their industries and technology for aircraft and UAV systems, space situational analysis, defense and intelligence, and much more. We work with our customers every step of the way showing them how our software can improve their efficiency and productivity, training them on the software’s vast capabilities, and implementing custom solutions to meet their specific needs.

"Team Singapore"

With only four AGIers out here in Singapore, we get to travel when needed for trainings, meetings, demos, and conferences. Since accepting the position, I’ve had sushi in Toyko, seen the panoramic landscape from the Seoul Tower, and attended Australia’s largest airshow in Avalon. I’ve met people from many parts of the world, laid eyes on unique history and architecture, experienced different cultures, and tried all types of food, all while getting to nerd-out and talk aerospace to anyone willing to listen. Where else would I have a unique experience like this? At AGI, anything can happen! (Pardon my cliché). We work hard to make sure you are not only successful in your role but also excited to come to work every day and make a difference at AGI and in the aerospace industry. It’s pretty easy to love my job when I work in a place like this.

Are you a college graduate looking for a career in the aerospace and defense industry? Maybe you’re a working professional looking for a change of pace? The opportunities at AGI are vast, and we are always looking for new talent. Check out our careers page for open positions and you too, can start a journey to brag about.

Posted: 9/4/2017 2:44:34 AM