Orbit Determination Tool Kit

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Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK) provides orbit determination and orbit analysis support for the entire life cycle of satellites and their tracking systems.

Built with the same verified astrodynamic functions as AGI’s Systems Tool Kit (STK), ODTK processes a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional measurements and leverages a state-of-the-art optimal sequential filter and matched smoother to generate orbits with realistic covariance. Its tracking measurement simulator allows for tracking system design and analysis when real tracking measurements are not available.

This commercially available patented technology is used in many operational missions, including multi-billion dollar civil and intelligence systems. It’s fully documented API allows for easy integration into flight dynamics solutions and automation of large scale enterprise systems.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Process measurement data in many formats and types
  • Generate orbits with realistic covariance error information
  • Apply full force modeling
  • Process measurements through satellite maneuvers
  • Refine and troubleshoot tracking data
  • Calibrate and define tracking systems
  • Analyze results with robust built-in reports and graphs
  • Export to Systems Tool Kit (STK) for visualization and futher analysis
  • Customize, automate and integrate with fully documented API

Spec Sheets

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The ComSpOC uses a scaled-up, enterprise version of ODTK