Build custom applications on a foundation of STK’s algorithms and capabilities.

STK Components is a collection of native Java and .Net libraries designed to provide an extensible, open architecture for analyzing and visualizing complex  problems. Use the STK Components libraries in conjunction with your proprietary business logic to accelerate the development and deployment of software solutions for your enterprise or programs.

Use cases

  • Creating a user-defined operating picture for authoritative data sources.
  • Adding visualization to proprietary analysis.
  • Modernize existing software by recreating it with AGI technology.


  • Platform independent (pure .NET or Java libraries).
  • API design has an extensible, open architecture.
  • Thread safe and multithreaded.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Suitable for thick-client, thin-client, or server deployment.
  • Thoroughly documented APIs with code examples, tutorials, and demo applications.

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